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your choice

You have a specific product you want shown to a specific audience and we can accommodate that. By choosing a tight group of channels in a certain genre, we can pinpoint your target audience so only they see your ad.


families first

All of our channels are family friendly so you don’t have to worry about having your ad exposed during any movies or shows with profanity, vulgarity or nudity. We are always bringing families first and always will.


Primetime CTV

Guaranteed Primetime Slots everyday across each of the channels included in the bundle. With varieties and groupings like family, faith, kids, news variety, sports, culture or we can customize a bundle for your advertisement.

family bundle

Channels that provide the family-friendly content and viewership your brand wants to be associated with!

kids & teens

Channels that provide children/teen programs all day!

Sports and outdoors

Channels that provide content for sports and outdoor activities!


News channels to keep you up to date and in the loop with today’s local and world headlines.


All variety of movies are available at your leisure. Romantic, comedy, horror, action, and so many more.

Additional bundles available

Music, Patriotic, Variety, Lifestyle, News, Cultural, Faith Based and we can customize a bundle just for you! Contact us for details

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