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You have questions and we want to provide you detailed answers. Should you have a question that is on on this page, please feel free to reach out to us directly using our contact form on our contact page or you can just click HERE.

Do you offer Programmatic purchasing and can we set up PMPs?

Yes, the packages listed are for open bidding but we can also provide clients with programmatic purchasing and can set up PMPs for trials. Our minimum trial length for a PMP is 2 weeks.

Total Impressions to expect for OTT and CTV packages?

For OTT, you can expect over 1.6 million impressions per week across the nation. For CTV, you can expect 2.5 million impressions daily worldwide.

Current subscription base?

We are currently at 500k worldwide and growing rapidly each day with estimates in the hundreds of millions by the end of 2022 worldwide.

What inventory do you have exclusive rights for?

We have the exclusive rights to 39 international channels that we can offer primetime advertising on every day.

What separates us from others?

Besides providing the lowest advertising costs among all services, we can help your brand reach new markets throughout the nation.  We can run your ad in the major urban/suburban markets, while also running them in less saturated markets across the rural regions of America that may be neglected. We have heavy viewership in these less saturated markets and our exclusive channels provide content that is tailored to what rural Americans are more likely to desire, such as our faith-based networks and cultural networks. All of which provide clean, wholesome content. So while families tune in to watch programs they love, they would be more inclined to view the commercials that go along with it. Thus, allowing your ad to leave more of an impact on the audience viewing it.

These exclusive channels are also channels that no other networks have access to, so you would be reaching additional audiences who are tuning into these exclusive channels over other common channels.

Can you customize inventory based on demographics?

Yes we provide you with the flexibility to customize what channels your ad runs on based on your target demographics and personas.

Do you provide reports with analytics to see how my commercial is performing?

We are currently revamping our analytics system, which will be implemented in the near future. But currently, we offer monthly reports the specs of your commercial’s performance.

Are we limited to only submitting one commercial per agreement?

No, you can submit as many commercials you like and customize when each channel plays and on what channels they play on.

What do your agreements look like?

We are very flexible when it comes to agreement lengths. At a minimum, our agreements are for 1 month, allowing you to renew on a month-to-month basis. But we can set up 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year deals at reduced costs than if you were to renew month-to-month.

For OTT, will our channels be viewed on all top boxes or just those with SimulTV?

Your commercial will be viewed by everyone, regardless of their top box.

Are your channels viewed OTA?

At this moment, in addition to running your ad on our CTV channels, some of those channels also run OTA in Florida, California, and Louisiana. Our OTA channels reach an estimated 20 million households throughout these regions.

How are you able to air our commercials on national major programs that are being viewed on all set top boxes?

We have partnerships in place to assist with filling their surplus inventory for major programming events on national networks such as FOX/NBC/ABC. These deals are in place for 11 of the largest markets in the US. Because of these partnerships providing us with surplus inventory, we can offer you discounted deals up 30-80% cheaper than if you went directly to the network to set up.

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