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2Packages, 2 Prices.

1 – $500.00 You send us your 30 second ad, we air it on 10 of our Exclusive Channels for 60 days!

2 – $1,000.00 WE create the 30 second ad for you, air it on 10 of our Exclusive Channels!

All Ads Are Run WORLDWIDE On 10 Of Our Exclusive Channels!

Ad Automation

Your ad place in rotation for 60 days on
channels streaming around the world


Premium Channel Selection

You choose from our list of ten top premium channels to place your ads to best suit your customer audience or have it air on all 10.

90% of Americans 13-to-54 stream video content.

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Self Service Or
Custom Support

Upload your own ad for us to stream or allow us to make one for you. Yours to keep.


Connect with your target audience for a flat fee of $500.00 or $1,000.00.

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